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Dalhousie beats Acadia 3-2

Dalhousie beats Acadia 3-2

by Sjaan Scully

On Sunday, November 15, the Dalhousie Tigers and the Acadia Axewomen took the Dalplex court to compete in some regular season action. The Tigers came away with the win at a score of 3-2 (25-20, 22-25, 19-25, 25-11, 15-10) over the Axewomen.

The score was very close for the entire first set, even so, Dalhousie managed to keep a closely followed lead all the way through. Mieke DuMont (Kamloops, BC) led with most kills for the set at 5 closely followed by Courtney Baker (Bridgewater, NS) with 4 kills. Dalhousie's Marisa Mota (Kitchener, ON) led the game with 5 digs followed by Acadia's Michaela Sabean (Bridgewater, NS) with 4. The score for the first set was 25 points for the Tigers and 20 for the Axewomen.

Acadia took the lead in the second set with the first kill made by Sarah Ross (Toronto, ON). Acadia's Carlotta Frasca (Rome, Italy) made two consecutive kills which helped the Axewomen maintain their lead. At the beginning of the set, Acadia showed some great defence with block solos made by Sabean, Marissa Chin (Markham, ON), and Fiona McGuinty (Ottawa, ON). Despite Dalhousie's best efforts, they never took back the lead. DuMont kept her lead with most kills for the game at a total of 9 by the end of the second set which finished at 25-22 for Acadia.

Dalhousie took the lead at the start of the third set, holding a four point lead just moments into the game. Eventually the game was tied up at 9-9 and the teams started some lengthy rallies. Dalhousie's Marissa Mota kept the game going with 14 digs by the middle of the third set, trailed by Acadia's Sabean with 10. Acadia took back the lead later in the set. Sarah Ross of the Axewomen shortly took over the lead for most kills at 11 compared to DuMont's 10. The third set came to a close with a win for Acadia at 25 points compared to Dalhousie's 19.

Dalhousie kept a marginal lead at the beginning of the fourth set. Which they kept as DuMont increased her kills to 15.  A lot of credit for Dalhousie's comeback goes to Abby Czenze (Halifax, NS) who set the Tigers up with 33 assists by the mid-point of the fourth set. The Tigers finished the set 14 points ahead of the Axewomen with 25 points to Dalhousie and 11 points to Acadia.

The fourth quarter started with Dalhousie in the lead and continued into an intense rally with an amazing off the court save made by Anna Dunn-Suen to keep the game going. Czenze had the most assists for the game with 43 and Acadia's Olivia Boudreault followed closely with 40. Sarah Ross finished the game with 21 kills, the most out of any player on the court. Even with Acadia's great performance, the Axewomen couldn't catch up to the Tigers and the set finished with a score of 15-10 for Dalhousie.

The final score was 3-2 for the Dalhousie Tigers over the Acadia Axewomen. Players of the game were Dalhousie's Jessica Josenhans and Acadia's Carlotta Frasca. The Tigers' (3-0) next game will be at the Interlock tournament on Friday, November 20th at 3pm in the Dalplex vs. McGill. Acadia (0-4) will also be playing in the Interlock and their first game will be against Laval at 11am on Friday the 20th