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Historical Records

The Dalhousie women’s swimming program has been crowned Atlantic University Sport (AUS) champions 28 times since the program’s inception including their 14th consecutive title in the 2014-15 season. Their record has allowed them to become known as a fierce competitor and high level program in the AUS and Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS). Athletes on this team have been recognized as AUS all-stars and/or CIS all-Canadians for incredible finishes in the pool, as well as Academic all-Canadians for exceptional work in their academic programs.

Conference Championships

AUS Championships 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1985-86, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15

AUS All-Stars

2014-15 Meagan Bernier, Paige Crowell,Ainsley Fraser, Alison Grant, Phoebe Lenderyou, Halle Loyek, Lucy MacLeod, Keisha Mills, Rachel Shin, Katie Webster
2013-14 Meagan Bernier, Paige Crowell, Ainsley Fraser, Cara McCallum, Ceilidh MacPherson, Keishia Mills, Rachel Shin, Molly Wedge
2012-13 Michelle Campbell, Emmalina Corriveau, Alison Grant, Mary Claire Lynch, Ceilidh MacPherson, Audrey Prayal-Brown, Gemma Regan, Rachel Shin, Meghan Toswell, Katie Webster, Molly Wedge
2011-12 Alison Grant, Audrey Prayal-Brown, Ceilidh MacPherson, Emily Wood, Emmalina Corriveau, Gemma Regan, Julia Gow, Kate Webster, Keishia Mills, Leanne Wiese, Mary Claire Lynch, Meagan Bernier, Michaela Nichols, Michelle Campbell, Molly Wedge, Paige Crowell, Rachel Shin, Rhea Hurnik
2010-11 Danielle Adam, Theresa Benison, Meagan Bernier, Michelle Campbell, Emmalina Corriveau, Jennifer Curran, Julia Gow, Rhea Hurnik, Mary Claire Lynch, Ceilidh MacPherson, Tavia Raiche-Marsden, Keishia Mills,  Michaela Nichols, Emily Wood
2009-10 Danielle Adam, Theresa Benison, Katelyn Cachia, Michelle Campbell, Emmalina Corriveau, Victoria Curtis, Julia Gow, Bevan Haley, Maggie Jones, Johannah Profit, Tavia Raiche-Marsden, Jacqueline Steele, Jilayna Stigter, Kristen Vandenberg, Hannah Vaughan
2008-09 Danielle Adam, Terri Benison, Jenn Brown, Michelle Campbell, Vicki Curtis, Lauren Dorrington, Michelle Easton, Julia Gow, Bevan Haley, Becky Harrison, Johannah Profit, Kristen Vandenberg, Hanah Vaughan
2007-08 Terri-Lynn Benison, Jenn Brown, Lauren Dorrington, Rebecca Easton, Magda Gawlik, Bevan Haley, Becky Harrison, Maggie Jones, Gemma Lawson, Johannah Profit, Kristen Vandenburg
2006-07 Ashley Aitken, Terri-Lynn Benison, Catherine Boyd, Jenn Brown, Lauren Dorrington, Magda Gawlik, Renata Jaciw-Zurakowsky, Maggie Jones, Gemma Lawson, Danielle Adam, Bevan Haley, Rebecca Easton
2005-06 Ashley Aitken, Kiera Aitken, Lauren Dorrington, Magda Gawlik, Becky Harrison, Amy Longobardi, Colleen Smith, Melissa Spencer
2004-05 Ashley Aitken, Kiera Aitken, Chrissy Bajcar, Lori Borgal, Jenn Brown, Kristy Carson, Heather Crowdis, Lauren Dorrington, Magda Gawlik, Becky Harrison, Sheena Martin, Elaine Munroe, Katherine Ruta, Melissa Spencer, Karly Williams
2003-04 Ashley Aitken, Kiera Aitken, Chrissy Bajcar, Diana Bennett, Kristy Carson, Heather Crowdis, Melissa Hubley, Leigh Jaschke, Sheena Martin, Elaine Munroe, Andrea Roberts, Katherine Ruta, Colleen Smith, Melissa Spencer
2002-03 Kiera Aitken, Diana Bennett, Heather Crowdis, Lesley Hambleton, Leigh Jaschke, Sandi McLean, Caitlin Peterson, Colleen Smith, Gail Whittaker, Chrissy Bajcar, Lori Borgal, Natalie Dupuis, Melissa Hubley, Heather Lee, Elaine Munroe, Andrea Roberts, Melissa Spencer
2001-02 Gail Whittaker, Kiera Aitken, Diana Bennett, Lori Borgal, Hannah Fraser, Lesley Hambleton, Leigh Jaschke, Katy LeGrow, Amber Mather, Sandi McLean, Caitlin Peterson, Allison Vigeant
2000-01 Sandi McLean, Lori Borgal, Amber Mather, Hannah Fraser, Gail Whittaker, Allison Vigeant, Caitlin Peterson
1999-00 Angela MacAlpine, Amy Woodworth, Sandi McLean, Lindsay Eller, Lori Borgal, Amber Mather, Gail Whittaker, Caitlin Peterson, Hannah Fraser
1998-99 Angela MacAlpine, Megan Hannam, Amy Clattenburg, Amy Woodworth, Amber Mather, Christine Bourne, Allison Vigeant, Connie MacIsaac
1997-98 Amy Woodworth, Megan Hannam, Gail Seipp, Sarah Woodworth, Angela McAlpine, Lindsay Eller
1996-97 Stacey Connick, Lindsay Eller, Angela MacAlpine, Gail Seipp, Amy Woodworth
1993-94 Katharine Dunn, Carla MacDougall, Donna Phelan, Cheryl Woodman, Sarah Woodworth
1991-92 Katy Laycock, Lynne Patterson, Donna Phelan
1990-91 Maria MacPherson
1988-89 Kim Bicknell, Maria MacPherson
1986-87 Mary Mowbray, Jackie Norrie, Susan Hill, Kerri-Lynn Montgomery, Nicole Deveau, Monique Deveau, Sara Kennedy
1985-86 Jennifer Davidson, Marie Moore, Monique Deveau, Mary Mowbray, Susan Duncan, Heather Kaulbach, Susan Hill, Lisa Hoganson
1984-85 Mary Mowbray, Patti Boyles, Lisa Hoganson, Jennifer Davidson, Susan Duncan, Heather Kaulbach

AUS Championships Rookie of the Meet

2013-14 Paige Robillard
2011-12 Kate Webster
2010-11 Ceilidh MacPherson
2008-09 Hannah Vaughan
2007-08 Chantelle Percival
2006-07 Rebecca Easton
2005-06 Amy Longobardi
2004-05 Lauren Dorrington

AUS Rookie of the Year

2014-15 Phoebe Lenderyou
2013-14 Paige Robillard
2012-13 Meghan Toswell
2011-12 Molly Wedge
2010-11 Meagan Bernier
2008-09 Hannah Vaughan
2007-08 Chantelle Percival
2005-06 Amy Longobardi
2004-05 Lauren Dorrington
2003-04 Sheena Martin
2002-03 Heather Lee
2001-02 Kiera Aitken
1999-00 Sandi McLean

AUS Championship Swimmer of the Meet

2013-14 Alison Grant
2012-13 Katie Webster
2011-12 Kate Webster
2010-11 Ceilidh MacPerson
2009-10 Kristen Vandenberg
2008-09 Kristen Vandenberg
2007-08 Kristen Vandenberg
2006-07 Ashley Aitken

AUS Swimmer of the Year

2014-15 Meagan Bernier
2013-14 Meagan Bernier
2012-13 Katie Webster
2011-12 Meagan Bernier
2010-11 Terri-Lynn Benison
2008-09 Kristen Vandenberg
2007-08 Kristen Vandenberg
2006-07 Ashley Aitken
2005-06 Kiera Aitken
2004-05 Kiera Aitken
1999-00 Angela MacAlpine
1988-89 Maria MacPherson
1985-86 Marie Moore
1978-79 Susan Mason

AUS Coach of the Year

2014-15 Lance Cansdale
2013-14 Lance Cansdale
2012-13 Lance Cansdale
2011-12 David Fry
2009-10 David Fry
2008-09 David Fry
2007-08 David Fry
2006-07 David Fry
2005-06 David Fry
2004-05 David Fry
2002-03 David Fry
2001-02 David Fry
1999-00 David Fry
1988-89 Nigel Kemp
1985-86 Nigel Kemp
1979-80 Nigel Kemp

CIS First Team All-Canadians

2014-15 Meagan Bernier
2005-06 Kiera Aitken
1985-86 Marie Moore
1983-84 Susan Duncan, Jennifer Davidson, S. Platt, Patti Boyles
1981-82 Susan Mason
1980-81 Susan Mason, D. Suto, S. Bennie, C. Fynn, L. Deveau

CIS Medalists

2014-15 Meagan Bernier (Gold: 800m free)
2005-06 Kiera Aitken (Silver: 50m back)
2004-05 Kiera Aitken (Silver: 50m back; Bronze: 100m back)
2002-03 Melissa Hubley (Bronze: 200m fly); Keira Aitken, Sandi McLean, Melissa Hubley, Gail Whittaker (Bronze: 4x100m MR)
1984-85 Patti Boyles (Gold: 100m breast); Susan Duncan (Bronze: 100m free); Jennifer Davidson (Bronze: 400m free); Mary Mowbray, Patti Boyles, Susan Duncan, Heather Kaulbach (Bronze: 4x100m MR)

CIS Swimmer of the Year

1978-79 Susan Mason

CIS Coach of the Year

2002-03 David Fry
1979-80 Nigel Kemp