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Donovan gets 15 kills in game one win over UNB

Photo courtesy of HFX Collective.
Photo courtesy of HFX Collective.

By Mark Moffat

In game one of the best-of-three Subway AUS men's volleyball final, the first seeded Dalhousie Tigers defeated the second seeded UNB Varsity Reds in straight sets in a match where the final score was not indicative of the parity seen in the scores of the sets.

In the first set, the Varsity Reds were able to get out to an early 8-4 lead. But, the Tigers answered by turning things around and taking a 10-9 lead. UNB got the momentum going in their favour once again and got the lead back, eventually getting a 21-20 lead late in the set. The Tigers swung the first set rhythm back to themselves at the most crucial time, winning it, 25-22.

The second set saw more even play than the first, resulting in a 10-10 tie almost midway through the set. The Tigers took a quick 12-11 lead, but the Varsity Reds made it a 14-14 tie just as quick. This was when Dalhousie took the advantage by getting a 19-16 lead, which they were able to convert into victory in the second set, 25-23.

As the third set was being contested, the Varsity Reds got out to another quick lead at 5-2. However, Dalhousie reciprocated another set opening boost from UNB, converting it into a 15-11 lead. The Tigers looked like they would carry this particular spurt of momentum to the win, having a 20-15 lead late in the set. However, UNB didn't go away quietly as they tried a late set comeback, tying the set at 21-21. But, that's all Dalhousie would allow as they would find their groove once again and take the third set, 25-23, and the match.

The Tigers were led by Matthew Donovan (London, ON) with 15 kills. Jeffrey Walton (Sudbury, ON) was right behind him with 14 kills, while also adding a block, for Dalhousie. Subway Player of the Game Graham Schmuland (Calgary, AB) had five kills and two blocks for the Tigers.

Pascal McCarthy (Fredericton, NB) powered the Varsity Reds with 13 kills. Ryan Colpitts (Fredericton, NB) contributed nine kills and a block for UNB.

Game two of the series goes next Saturday at 7:00 pm in Fredericton.