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Historical Records

Over the years Dalhousie’s men’s swimming program has established a tradition of excellence well known in Atlantic University Sport (AUS) and Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS), most recently captured their 25rd AUS championship and 17th consecutive title in the 2014-15 season. Many of the student-athletes who have been a part of the black and gold swim team have recorded outstanding finishes to earn AUS all-star and/or CIS all-Canadian honours. Numerous swimmers have also been recognized for their excellence in the classroom as CIS Academic all-Canadians.

Conference Championships

AUS Championships 1965-66, 1978-79, 1979-80, 1981-82, 1987-88, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1994-95, 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15


National Results

CIS Championships 2006-07 (Bronze)


AUS All-Stars

2014-15 Sean Berrigan, Nigel Champion, Gavin Dyke, Peter Inches, Tony Liew, James Profit, Chris Reith, Kyle Watson
 2013-14  Nigel Champion, Colin Flysak, Tony Liew, Chris Reith, Jeremy Ryant, Aodhan Somers, Darragh Somers, David Sharpe, Joe Ur, Kyle Watson
2012-13 Colin Flysak, Kit Moran, James Profit, David Sharpe, Cameron Shin, Nik Taylor, Kyle Watson
2011-12 Aodhan Somers, Brad Piggott, Bryan Fumerton, Cameron Shin, Chris Reith, Colin Flysak, Colin Liebold, David Sharpe, Derek Sonnichsen, Dmitry Shulga, Joe Ur, Kit Moran, Kyle Watson, Matt Piggott, Robin Grant, Simon Boilard
2010-11 Simon Boilard, Ian Fisk, Bryan Fumerton, Robin Grant, Kit Moran, Brad Piggott, Matt Piggott, David Sharpe, Cameron Shin, Dmitry Shulga, Joe Ur
2009-10 Philippe Boilard, Simon Boilard, Jimmy Burg, Andrew Ferraro, Bryan Fumerton, Brannyn Hale, Matthew Keuken, Corey Knickle, Ryan Lausten, Christopher Moran, Bradley Piggott, Matthew Piggott, Evan Schmid, David Sharpe, Cameron Shin, Dmitry Shulga, Joseph Ur, George Young
2008-09 Simon Boilard, Nate Campbell, Jordan Fisk, Bryan Fumerton, Brannyn Hale, Greg Hanlon, Guido Iannucci, Mat Keuken, Corey Knickle, Ryan Laustsen, Kit Moran, Brad Piggott, Matt Piggott, Evan Schmid, Dmitry Shulga, Bryce Tung, Kevin Tung
2007-08 Phillipe Boilard, Bryan Fumerton, Robin Grant, Brannyn Hale, Kostya Kharitonov, Corey Knickle, Adam Salsman, Dmitry Shulga, Bryce Tung, Doug Young
2006-07 Nick Coyle, Brannyn Hale, Matthew Terauds, Bryce Tung, Doug Young, Philip Boilard, Nate Campbell, Matt Keuken, Kostya Kharitonov
2005-06 Philippe Boilard, Nate Campbell, Brannyn Hale, Corey Knickle, Graham Smith, Bryce Tung, Doug Young, Andy White
2004-05 Curtis Edmunds, Eric Palmer, Bob Phipps, Matt Terauds, Bryce Tung, Andy White, Doug Young
2003-04 Rob Coleman, Curtis Edmunds, Adam Ferguson, Mike Gorman, Mike O'Connor, Graham Smith, Matt Terauds, Andy White, Doug Young
2002-03 Rob Coleman, Adam Ferguson, Michael Gorman, Michael Lockett, Alex Middleton, Michael O'Connor, Graham Smith, Michael Smith, Chris Stewart, Matthew Terauds, Michael Terauds
2001-02 Michael Smith, Matthew Terauds, Mike Lockett, Michael Terauds, Jamie Wildsmith, Aaron Butler, Adam Ferguson, Michael Gorman, Nick Graham, Rob Harrison, Alex Middleton, Graham Smith
2000-01 Chris Stewart, Oskar Stachowiak, Graham Smith, Michael Smith, Michael Terauds, Michael Lockett, Nick Graham, Jamie Wildsmith, Michael Dull, Morgan Begg
1999-00 Chris Stewart, Michael Lockett, Nick Graham, Marty Laycock
1998-99 Stuart Kemp, Chris Stewart, David LeBlanc, Steve Indig, Chris Roberts, Rob Harrison
1997-98 Chris Stewart, Stuart Kemp, Mike Ritcey, Steven Indig
1996-97 Steven Indig
1993--94 Francois Anctil, Sean Andrews, Ian Jackson, Dave LeBlanc, Brent Purdy, Greg Rasmussen, Mike Ritcey, Jason Shannon
1991-92 Sean Andrews, Jason Shannon
1990-91 Jason Shannon
1988-89 D'Arcy Byrne, John Duncan, Erik Kerasiotis
1986-87 Darryl Dutton, Andrew Cole
1985-86 Darryl Dutton, Paul Nickerson, Chris Petrie
1984-85 John Burns, Andrew Cole, David Petrie


AUS Championship Rookie of the Meet

2012-13 James Profit
Kyle Watson
2009-10 David Sharpe
2007-08 Bryan Fumerton
2005-06 Brannyn Hale
2004-05 Bryce Tung


AUS Rookie of the Year

2014-15 Sean Berrigan
2012-13 James Profit
2011-12 Kyle Watson
2009-10 David Sharpe
2008-09 David Forbes
2007-08 Bryan Fumerton
2005-06 Brannyn Hale
2000-01 Graham Smith
1999-00 Nick Graham


AUS Championship Swimmer of the Meet

2013-14 David Sharpe
2012-13 Kyle Watson
2011-12 David Sharpe
2010-11 David Sharpe
2009-10 David Sharpe
2008-09 Bryce Tung
2007-08 Brannyn Hale
2006-07 Doug Young


AUS Swimmer of the Year

2014-15 Kyle Watson
2013-14 David Sharpe
2012-13 David Sharpe
2011-12 David Sharpe
2010-11 David Sharpe
2009-10 David Sharpe
2008-09 Nate Campbell
2007-08 Brannyn Hale
2003-04 Matthew Terrauds
2000-01 Chris Stewart
1999-00 Chris Stewart
1986-87 Darryl Dutton


AUS Student-Athlete Community Service Award

2014-15 Nigel Champion
2012-13 Kit Moran       


AUS Coach of the Year

2013-14 Lance Cansdale
2011-12 David Fry
2010-11 David Fry
2009-10 David Fry
2008-09 David Fry
2007-08 David Fry
2006-07 David Fry
2005-06 David Fry
2003-04 David Fry
2001-02 David Fry
2000-01 David Fry
1988-89 Nigel Kemp
1985-86 Nigel Kemp

CIS First Team All-Canadians

2011-12 David Sharpe
2010-11 David Sharpe
2009-10 David Sharpe
2000-01 Chris Stewart
1999-00 Chris Stewart
1984-85 Andrew Cole
1983-84 Andrew Cole
1981-82 Andrew Cole
1980-81 Brian Jessop


CIS Second Team All-Canadians

2013-14 David Sharpe
2012-13 David Sharpe
2011-12 Chris Reith
2003-04 Matthew Terrauds


CIS Medalists

2013-14 David (Silver:50m back back; Bronze: 200m fly)
2012-13 David Sharpe (Silver: 50m and 100m back; Bronze: 100m fly)
2011-12 David Sharpe (Gold: 200m fly; Bronze: 50m back, 100m fly), Chris Reith (Silver: 1500m free)
2010-11 David Sharpe (Gold: 50m back)
2009-10 David Sharpe (Gold: 50m back; Silver: 100m fly, 200m fly, 100m back)
2006-07 Brannyn Hale, Bryce Tung, Doug Young, Matthew Terrauds (Bronze: 4x100m, 4x200m)
2005-06 Andy White (Bronze: 200m IM)
2003-04 Matthew Terrauds (Silver: 100m back)
2002-03 Chris Stewart, Michael Terrauds, Rob Coleman, Matt Terrauds (Bronze: 4x100m free)
2000-01 Chris Stewart (Silver: 50m breast; Bronze: 100m breast)
1999-00 Chris Stewart (Gold: 50m breast; Silver: 200m breast)
1984-85 Andrew Cole (Gold: 100m breast)


CIS Swimmer of the Year

1978-79 John van Buuren


CIS Coach of the Year

2006-07 David Fry
1973-74 Nigel Kemp