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Tigers complete two-game sweep of Sea-Hawks

Tigers complete two-game sweep of Sea-Hawks

Source: Memorial Athletics

The Dalhousie Tigers swept the Memorial Sea-Hawks (6-14) in the final weekend series, 79-61.  

The first half was a tough frame of basketball for Memorial. They struggled to create offense against the Tigers 2-3 zone. For Dalhousie, they were consistent throughout the first two quarters. They were able to draw contact and get to the line, creating multiple and-one plays.  

MUN struggled to take care of the ball in the first half, with 10 turnovers. Dal was consistent scoring across every area, from the field, from deep, and from the line. They shot a great 81% from the free throw line, and a decent 42% from the field.  

In the first half, Dalhousie only had three people who did not score, spreading out the scoring load. Memorial was supported by Nathan Barker's 13, and Emmanuel Ring's 6. Ring was able to turn around from a tough performance last night, playing with more confidence in the first half.  

The third and fourth quarter was more of the same. Memorial struggled to consistently score against a staunch Dalhousie defense. They shot 40% from the field, but only 22% from deep. The opportunities to score were dampened by the frenetic pace of Dalhousie.  

Dalhousie opened up the lead in the final frame, taking away any hope from the Hawks in mounting a comeback. They made a few clutch shots from deep to solidify their sweep on MUN's home court. They had fantastic contributions from their starters, each of them posting double-digit points. Sascha Kappos earned himself player of the game commendations with his 16 points and 7 rebounds.  

Sunday's loss to Dal capped off a difficult season for the Hawks. They may yet qualify for playoffs, depending on further AUS games.